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Salon Design & Construction

RMD Products can take your dream salon and make it a reality. From

designing your floor plan including the layout of your salon, electrical,

plumbing and everything else that needs to be included, to choosing

your furniture, paint palate and accessories and finally, seeing your

dream turn into your salon, RMD does it all. We work closely with you

to match your desires with your budget. Financing is also available for

those who are interested.

Important questions before you get started:


1. What is the square footage of your space?

2. What material is the wall (brick, cinder block, sheetrock)?

3. What is the total electrical amperage for the space, what type of

water heater and how many gallons does it hold, is there air conditioning

already there?

4. What is the ceiling height, type?

5. Does your salon meet the ADA requirements?

6. Is the reception area included in the remodel? How many people

does it need to accommodate?

7. What kind of phone, computer and sales system will you need?


Floor Plans Designed by Matt

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