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Matt Roberts, Salon Design Specialist

    Matt designed or renovated his first salon in 1989 and has designed 70 salons, spas and schools through 2011. Matt has always put the needs of the customer first and foremost and strives to include all of the services and areas the client wants to include in their salon endeavor. His focus on design, style, detail and function has resulted in satisfied clients from NJ to NC. Matt saw a void in the design market of services available to salon start-ups as he tried to assist  clients with their projects. Most national and regional distributors provide floor plan design services but that’s where their services stop. The client then is left in a situation where they have to seek and find an architect to produce blue prints for the construction, a contractor, lighting specialist, plumber, electrician, HVAC, painter, flooring and interior design specialist. Then they have to try to bring all those people together, while also arranging for financing  and managing their project and still provide services to their clients, leading to a great deal of stress. They also have to create their own business plan, select and obtain their salon equipment and negotiate their lease for where the salon will be located. Matt believes that developing a new salon, spa, school or renovation is driven by the vision of the client and therefore RMD Products provides all of the services the client needs to complete their project, allowing them to work with Matt to develop their vision to a whole new level that they would never have dreamed of. Matt believes the client’s vision is a dream and through collaboration, the dream then becomes clearer and ultimately reality. Through networking and different types of projects Matt has been involved with, he has established an extensive network of individuals and companies that can provide a turn-key operation for the client.

Because Matt works extremely closely with his clients he only takes on six projects a year.


Ruth Schoenhaut, Office Manager


Ruth is an experienced educator who most recently taught customer service skills, technical communication skills, computer skills, including Microsoft Office products to young adults. She produces a monthly bulletin via Publisher and has created many documents, spreadsheets, flyers, etc for different needs and situations.  She has worked with a variety of people, age groups and positions, allowing her to learn and then teach the best business communication skills. Ruth has organized several large social events, which were quite successful.  Her experience provides the ability to facilitate or assist in the successful completion of a project. She provides our customers with ready answers to questions about our products or to process your order.